WhatsApp Service

WhatsApp and MAXX by Steigenberger

Our central WhatsApp service will be glad to assist you with general enquiries and booking requests.

Just enter our phone number below and send us a message - A member of our central service will contact you via WhatsApp.

If you have specific questions about any of our hotels, please feel free to contact the hotel directly by email or phone.

Service Availability

You can reach us via WhatsApp Messenger from MONDAY - FRIDAY from 9 am to 18 pm.

And it's that easy

Communicate with our MAXX by Steigenberger Service Team via WhatsApp - very simple:

1. Install "WhatsApp" on your smartphone if not already done

2. Save the given number to your contacts or click on the link below.

3. Send a message with your request via WhatsApp - you are already connected to our channel "Deutsche Hospitality". An employee will reply to you.

Start WhatsApp here

send a message to 01520 5308712

Data protection

Chat function on our website:
For the chat function on our website, we use the technology of WhatsApp in conjunction with the facelift cloud solution. The provider of the cloud is the company

Facelift Brand Building Technologies GmbH, Gerhofstrasse 19, 20354 Hamburg.

When you use the chat function, your contact data and chat content will be processed.

To use the chat function, you need to install WhatsApp on your smartphone and agree to WhatsApp's privacy policy. Our chat solution with facelift does not transmit any data from the chat to WhatsApp. The legal basis for the processing of your personal data is the agreement according to Article 6 (1)(a)), which you have to agree to before using the function.