MAXX by Steigenberger – green by design!

Like all brands of Deutsche Hospitality, MAXX is also committed to protecting our environment and with appropriate action and high quality principles is vigilant about eco-friendliness.

During the selection process of everyday items such as combs and shoehorns great attention is given to prudent processing. Therefore many materials stem from cornstarch or biodegradable plastics. Cosmetic articles are certified with the “ECOCert” label, literature is printed free of CO2 on natural paper.

Furthermore, MAXX rewards an environment-friendly stay: each guest who waives the daily room cleaning service receives a discount voucher for the hotel’s restaurant or bar.

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MAXX by Steigenberger - Pacific Garbage Screening

What is Pacific Garbage Screening?

Pacific Garbage Screening is more than just a project: it sets forth a concept for the cleanliness of the world’s oceans and a solution for the elimination of pollution from plastic waste.

The organisation Pacific Garbage Screening was set up in 2016; since then it has been endeavouring to filter plastic matter from the oceans using a specially built floating platform without endangering marine life. In addition to the implementation of the platform, another key objective of Pacific Garbage Screening is to sensitize society - to inform people about the plastic waste problem and motivate widespread rethinking.

MAXX by Steigenberger - Pacific Garbage Screening

Why support this organisation?

MAXX by Steigenberger - Pacific Garbage Screening

MAXX is aware that an eventful hotel stay must be compatible with concern for the environment. For this reason MAXX resolutely promotes specific projects destined to retain natural habitats and conserve nature’s resources. 

Consequently MAXX supports Pacific Garbage Screening in its fight against plastic. MAXX recently contributed a sum of Euro 30,000. This donation resulted from “Deutsche Hospitality 1x1”, where Euro 1 for every booking via the hotel’s own websites is donated to a worthy cause.

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Fight against plastic

“Our seas and oceans are the basis for all life on earth, but humans are increasingly destroying them: more than ten percent of plastic ends up in the oceans worldwide.”

Marcella Hansch, founder of Pacific Garbage Screening

MAXX by Steigenberger - Pacific Garbage Screening