MAXXimize your eco-friendliness

Like all brands of Deutsche Hospitality, MAXX is committed to preserving the environment and pays attention to eco-friendliness through concrete measures and high quality standards.

When selecting everyday items, such as combs or shoehorns, care is taken to ensure they are manufactured with the environment in mind. Many products are therefore made of corn starch or degradable plastics. Cosmetic articles are certified with the Ecocert label and printed products are also made of uncoated paper and the CO₂ generated during production is compensated

MAXX also rewards an environmentally friendly stay: Every guest who forgoes daily room cleaning receives a voucher for the hotel's own restaurant or bar.

Corporate Social Responsibility | MAXX by Steigenberger

Sustainable print products

Sustainable print products | MAXX by Steigenberger

MAXX by Steigenberger pays attention to which paper and which colors are used for all printed materials. The FSC® certificate is included on almost all products.

FSC® stands for Forest Stewardship Council, an international non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring the sustainable use of forests. Thus, the paper products at MAXX do not originate from the overexploitation of nature but are produced in a responsible and environmentally friendly manner.

MAXX goes all the way: The entire process - from manufacturer to retailer - is certified.

In addition, a large proportion of the printed materials bear the EU Ecolabel and are printed on uncoated paper. This means that only natural and no synthetic paper fibers are used. The products are neither coated with environmentally harmful finishes nor treated with chlorine.

MAXX also contributes to environmental protection by offsetting CO₂ emissions for all print products.

Sustainable guest amenities

Sustainable guest amenities | MAXX by Steigenberger Sustainable guest amenities | MAXX by Steigenberger

A large proportion of the guest articles used in the hotels are sustainably produced, made of recycled materials or recyclable:

The shampoos and soaps from MAXX by Steigenberger for example feature the EU Ecolabel. The 100% recyclable shampoo and shower gel bottles are biodegradable and have been awarded the Nordic Environmental Label, the sustainability label of the Nordic countries.
No toxic, environmentally harmful substances or animal testing are used in production. Instead, mainly renewable and plant-based raw materials are used.

The MAXX by Steigenberger napkin is EU Ecolabel and FSC® certified. It consists of 100% recycled fibers and is dyed with environmentally friendly water-based colors without solvents or heavy metals. That is why the napkin is also biodegradable.

When it comes to lunch and snack bags, MAXX by Steigenberger goes the extra mile: 100% unbleached waste paper, 100% compostable and 100% CO₂ compensated.

CO₂ produced during production and transport is offset by reforestation and one new tree is planted for every 1,000 bags purchased.

And that's not all: the ballpoint pens at MAXX by Steigenberger are also made of sustainable products such as recycled paper, corn starch and wood. The laundry bags are made of 100% recycled materials and are compostable. Last but not least, shoehorns, toothbrushes and shaving sets are also made of corn starch.

How guests can help

Protecting the environment and enjoying a delicious drink at the bar at the same time – this is what guests can experience when staying at MAXX by Steigenberger.

Because MAXX also wants to make guests aware of the topic of environmental awareness and encourage them to act sustainably, every guest who forgoes daily room cleaning receives a voucher worth € 5. This discount can be redeemed in the hotel's restaurant or at the bar.

How guests can help | MAXX by Steigenberger

MAXXimize your connections

MAXXimize your connections | MAXX by Steigenberger

Green Meetings

Green Meetings integrate environmentally friendly concepts throughout all (planning) phases in order to keep the environmental impact to a minimum. The Deutsche Hospitality sustainability concept is based on the constant optimization and improvement in all areas, selected certified partners and the responsible handling of resources.


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Pacific Garbage Screening

MAXX by Steigenberger supports the organization Pacific Garbage Screening in its fight against the presence of plastics in the oceans. MAXX recently donated € 30,000 from the “Deutsche Hospitality 1x1", where € 1 per booking made via the website is helping a good cause.


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MAXX Cookie

The MAXX Cookie is much more than just an ordinary cookie. True to the motto "MAXXimize your sustainability" it combines delicious taste with sustainability and innovation - Made in Germany.


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